Free up more of your time to focus on furthering your business with our WordPress Support and Maintenance Service. We offer unlimited tweaks as part of our Pro and Business packages, or you can order a one off tweak.

Less Stress with Wordpress!

We know how it feels. You’ve paid for your new website, and your designer runs off, or you never get that website training you were promised. The developers you work with might be charging too much, or maybe you know your way around WordPress but don’t have time to make tweaks, changes or updates you’d like to. If this sounds all too familiar, our WordPress Support & Maintenance Service is designed for you.


We can provide all of your WordPress Support needs, from basic template changes all the way through to optimising your website to be the fastest and most secure it can be. We also offer SEO services as part of our packages to give you that boost you really need in the search engines, not to mention our robust weekly cloud backups, for ultimate peace of mind.

Just a few of our offerings…

Wordpress Updates

Sit back and relax whilst we update your core WordPress files, Themes and Plugins as standard.

24/7 Security

We use the latest security software to protect your website and customers from hackers, malware and viruses.

Secure Backups

We can backup your database and website files securely on the cloud, and get you back online quickly if the worst happens.

Dedicated Support

You have questions, we have the answers. We have a guaranteed reply time within 12 hours of you submitting your tweak to us.

Theme Support

We can install, setup, update or make tweaks to your WordPress Theme wherever you need it.

Plugin Management

One of our team can install and setup new plugins for you, or update and maintain your existing plugins.

SEO Services

We offer a full SEO and Reporting service, where we make your pages rank higher in search engines.

Wordpress Tutorials

Our growing collection of premium video and written tutorials will help you to get the most out of your website.

How do Tweaks work?

Step 1.

Fill out our tweaks form, or simply email us with your tweak request.

Step 2.

We get the tweak done and live, within one day.

Step 3.

Sit back and enjoy your new, updated website. Happy days!

10% Limited Time Discount!

We’re currently offering a discount on all of our packages until 31st November. Woohoo!

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