What’s it all about?

Wordpress has allowed millions of people to be able to manage their own website. It’s never been easier to run a website without knowing how to code, or even understand websites in depth. This has made the internet the vibrant, creative and diverse place we love today. Whilst managing your website may be something you’re comfortable with, sometimes maintaining and protecting your website from the thousands of nasties out there can be overwhelming, knowing that at any time your website could be hacked at relative ease without the proper security and updates in place.


That’s where we come in


Our mission is to put all the power of WordPress back in your hands, whilst providing support and security every step of the way – Empowering you to simply get on with running your business or venture like normal. We’re passionate about making the internet a better, safer place for everybody to enjoy and by properly maintaining your website, we are protecting both your online reputation and your customers.

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